1901 – circa 1920
George Case managed the Firm with assistance from DuPratt White.
circa 1920 – June 1935
The Firm was managed by a committee consisting initially of George Case and Leonard Smith, assisted by A.B. Bailey, then the Firm’s cashier and bookkeeper, with Tracy Vought and Monty Hatch subsequently added as members. This committee was known unofficially as the management committee.
June 1935 – March 1963
In June 1935, the Firm adopted a management structure with an executive committee initially composed of Joe Bennett, Hatch, Irving Olds, Walter Orr and Vought.

Olds was elected by the members of the committee as the first chair and served in that capacity until he left the Firm in 1940 to join U.S. Steel.

Bennett succeeded Olds as chair and served until his death in 1954.

Olds succeeded Bennett, having returned to the Firm from U.S. Steel, and served until his death in March 1963.

Beginning in the early 1940s, the Firm adopted the practice of having a rotating member on the executive committee, serving a three-month term.

Between 1935 and 1963, in addition to Bennett, Hatch, Olds, Orr and Vought, the following partners served at one or more times as either permanent or rotating members of the committee: Charlie Fay, Jack Gifford, Colonel Hartfield, Glover Johnson, Henry Mannix, Russell Morrill, Chauncey Newlin, Leonard Smith, Lowell Wadmond and Jesse Waid. The managing partner was an ex-officio member of the executive committee, and during this period this position was held by Adrian Foley, Paul Pennoyer and Maurice McLoughlin. The Firm’s records of this period are not exhaustive, and it is possible that other partners served as members of the executive committee during this time.
Senior Leadership Chronology